The Oral surgeon is a dentist who specializes in removal of  teeth by surgical method.  Usually the third molar (Wisdom tooth) needs to be removed by surgical method as it can be impacted (buried within the bone). Such tooth needs removal to prevent damage to the teeth in front to that and the cheeks. Crossly grown third molar teeth, broken tooth, broken root of the tooth are all removed by surgical methods.

                 Fracture of the jaw bones caused due to trauma needs immobilisation and fixation, which will be done by Inter maxillary fixation wiring. If the trauma is extensive, it will require Maxillo Facial Surgery.

                 Orthodontic cases sometimes may require surgical correction of the jaw bone size, called Orthognathic Surgery.




Everyone likes people with good smile.  Good smile comes from proper arrangement of teeth.  But this is not present in all the people. This can be corrected by Orthodontic treatmentThe Orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in guiding the proper arrangement of teeth by an appliance (Clip / Braces).  There are many varieties of this appliance.


Fixed / Removable

St. Wire appliance  (Steel Brackets placed on the teeth)

Ceramic (or) Clear Braces (Tooth color Brackets placed on the teeth)

Lingual Braces  ( Brackets placed on the back of the teeth)


Depending on the patients condition ,the treatment duration varies. Our Orthodontist at Dencity will help you to have a perfect smile.



A Tooth removed or lost due to any reason should be replaced, unless it is not an important one for biting food like wisdom tooth (or) Extra tooth.  This is done by three methods, Removable Denture , Fixed Denture, Implants.

  • The Removable denture replaces the lost tooth by placing the tooth attached to a plate which takes support on the gums.

  • The fixed denture takes support from the teeth adjacent to the lost tooth. This is called as bridge.

  • The latest in tooth replacement is Dental implants, in which a screw like structure is placed in the area of the lost tooth.  Over this an artificial tooth is constructed.

  • For complete replacement of all the lost teeth, a complete denture is fabricated. This can be of different varieties ranging from ordinary resin to imported resin material.

  • The latest in complete denture prosthesis, the BIO-FUNCTIONAL PROSTHETIC SYSTEM (BPS) is being done at Dencity.




Dental caries (Decay) starts in your tooth as a black spot or a cavity.  If it is not cleaned properly, the bacteria in your mouth will attack that area causing further damage to the tooth.  This spots needs to be identified and filled as early as possible or else the decay will enter the pulp of the tooth, which supplies blood & nerves to the tooth.  When this happens the whole tooth is infected and leads to pain.  This condition requires  Root canal treatment.  If this is not treated, there will be pus formation and swelling near the tooth.  There are latest fillings called as COMPOSITES which are exactly in the shade of your teeth.




  ENDODONTIC or ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is done to save an infected tooth but which does not have big swelling due to serve pus formation.  The dentist uses small instruments to enter into the root of the tooth and clears the infected pulp.  Then the root is filled and then covered with a upper filling.  The tooth has to be covered by a crown/cap to make it fully functional for biting. The latest technique of single visit endodontics is being done at Dencity.




The gums which are pink in color surrounding the tooth hold the tooth to the bone.  They have numerous fibers connecting the tooth to the bone called periodontal ligaments.  If there is mild infection in the gums, they start bleeding.  This needs immediate attention and the gum has to be treated.  Normally proper cleaning will reduce this problem.  But for some people, the teeth will be mobile (or) loose and starts drifting, creating spaces between the teeth.  This condition is called periodontal disease.  This needs comprehensive gum treatment like periodontal flap surgery to bring back the normal condition. Alveolar bone defects are corrected by bone grafts and guided tissue regeneration membrane placement. Apart from this tooth root exposures, sensitivity of teeth etc can also be treated.




This is entirely dedicated to child dental care.  It is important to make the child follow oral-hygiene habits from very early age.  The tooth eruption starts in child normally from 8 months of age. Proper care is needed by mothers to cleanse the mouth of child after feeding.  Visits to Dental office normally begin by 3 years of age.  From then on children will be taught how to brush by themselves. 

          Children who have childhood dental caries(decay/cavity) should take fluoride supplementation and fluoride application treatments at dentist’s office.  Early identification of decay & filling will prevent decay of other teeth which are in forming stage. If the decay is extensive, the tooth might require Root Canal Treatment and will be covered by a stain-less steel crown. Loss of a milk tooth prematurely will affect the future permanent dentition's arrangement. So necessary space maintainer appliance has to be placed.




This is to enhance the beauty of the face by giving good smile .  The treatments available are.

  • Teeth whitening
  • Ceramic laminates/veneers
  • Ceramic crowns




The teeth can be made whiter by using a whitening solution which removes stains on your teeth.  The use of a blue light activates the solution to remove stains. The number of sittings that will be required for desired results may vary for individual cases.




Imperfect shape,colour of the tooth can be corrected by placing the ceramic as a thin covering over the tooth (Ceramic Laminates) or a full coverage ceramic crown. Ceramic is a material which gives the same natural translucency of the enamel. The fabrication of ceramic crowns and veneers involves extensive technique & expertise which is available at Dencity.