Why to consult a Dentist regularly?


The visit to Dentists office should begin right from the childhood, because at young age the habit forming tendency is more and easy.  The Dentist can teach you how to take care of your teeth in a simple way.  This will prevent most of the Dental problems.  Anyhow everyone needs Dental Checkup once in six months to get rid of the food deposits in between the teeth, which you cannot clean with your normal brushing technique.  So every six months, a complete cleaning (SCALING) of your teeth will eliminate occurrence of dental problems.  At that time you will be checked up to find any new cavities occurred in your teeth and you will need a filling if necessary.  This will prevent progress of decay(dental caries) deep into the tooth and protects other teeth too.  Apart from this, a visit to Dentists office will prevent bad breadth, bleeding gums, misarrangement of tooth etc.

What are the various specialties in Dentistry and who needs them?


  • A person with severe tooth pain will require either  root canal treatment to save the tooth or to undergo tooth removal - see ENDODONTICS

  • A person with missing tooth will require either fixed type of artificial teeth(bridge)or removable denture - see PROSTHDONTICS

  • A person with protruded teeth will require Braces (or) Clips - ORTHODONTICS

  • A person with mobile tooth,Spaces between teeth,bleeding gum will require gum treatment - PERIODONTICS

  • A person with Black spots, cavity in teeth needs a scaling and filling - CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY